I am so thankful for the last five months. Still’s Disease has given me back my life. I can’t remember being happier than I am now. I am so grateful for the new lease on life I have been given. I use to live a life trying to escape and control everything. Freaking out about the future and constantly worrying about what other people thought of me. I lived under the expectations that I perceived others had of me. I pushed myself harder and harder and harder because I never thought of myself as enough. I sacrificed my joy in the present for a fantasised future that I thought might bring me happiness. I’ve realised that the future you aspire for isn’t guaranteed – so take hold of the gift you’ve been given now. Appreciate every second you’ve been given no matter what you’re doing. Doing everything with a cheerful heart because how blessed are we to have life!

I finally get it, I am learning how to value myself and love myself. I am so grateful. I’ve been really sick for too much of my life, distracted by trivial things, and I feel like healing is finally taking place (we’ll keep working on the Still’s though haha!)

Love and value people – always. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Appreciate the moments.